Welcome to the world of Hippoboar Rancher!

This charming, offbeat farming simulation game features a colorful cast of characters, including your favorite little critter you've never met: the hippoboar! (The hippoboar, or kabaino in Japanese, is the mascot of our parent group, 乙SUN倶楽部 (OTUSUN CLUB).) The game also features a soundtrack from composer Yonao Keishi, known for such titles as YU-NO and Dies irae, and sound effects created by Takami Ryu (EVE burst error, YU-NO)!

In Hippoboar Rancher, your farming skills will be put to the test as the lone owner of a run-down ranch that needs rebuilding from the ground up. Take on requests; gather materials; and capture, raise, and breed livestock (including adorable hippoboars!) on your quest to become the most powerful - and profitable - rancher of all time. You'll also interact with the diverse residents of the nearby town, as well as some more eccentric wilderness dwellers. You might even see a familiar face or two if you've played one of our other titles, nEroErosso!


In the course of collecting on some debts, dark elf Logan Lansdale gets offered something he wasn't quite expecting: the deed to an entire ranch, complete with livestock. Figuring it's better than nothing, Logan takes the deal and heads out to give his new ranch a once-over.

What he finds, though, is a nothing but an empty field with a single run-down house and a corral with fences so busted that the promised livestock - a few hippoboars - escape before his very eyes. Not one to write off even the worst of situations as a loss, Logan resolves to get hard at work whipping the ranch into shape until the hippoboars come home (so to speak). Along the way, he'll gain a companion in the form of young werepanther Eve, go on quests to help improve the ranch facilities, and get to know the local townspeople and shopkeepers, all as he builds the biggest hippoboar farming empire ever!







企画・製作 乙SUN倶楽部

シナリオ 文音

グラフィック・スクリプト ひもの

BGM ヨナオケイシ

音効 佐藤豪

翻訳 Ian Willett-Jacob

翻訳監修 Molly Lee

​パブリッシング 乙SUNらんど

Planning & Development - OTUSUN CLUB

Story - Ayane

Graphics & Scripting - Himono

BGM - Yonao Keishi

Sound Effects - Satou Gou

Translation - Ian Willett-Jacob

Localization Director - Molly Lee

Publishing - OTUSUN LAND

ローガン 十月トウマ

かばいの(亜種含む) 高嶋孝輔
シーリス こまち
ガンドー イヲリ
ジョー 杉山あつし
コーチャン 高嶋孝輔

ロウタ 東條あいり

ササッチ 御子柴犬



Logan - Totsuki Touma

Hippoboars - Takashima Kousuke

Siris - Komachi

Gandou - Iwori

Joe - Sugiyama Atsushi

More cast members will be announced soon!

対応OS windows8/8.1/10

対応言語 日本語/English


​販売元 steam

Coming this winter to Steam, featuring full dual language support!


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