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Beneath the Sakura Blossoms...

(Translated from: https://www.otusunland.com/blog/ying-nomu-noxia-niha)

The sakura blossom is the national flower of Japan. They are so beloved, we have an entire spring pastime dedicated to admiring their beauty, known as "flower viewing."

But the origins of the sakura are rooted in ill omens.

"A corpse is buried beneath the sakura."

"A demon dwells beneath the sakura."

Sakura blossoms encompass the Japanese aesthetic of yugen—often translated as "profound, mysterious, tragic beauty"—particularly at night.

Personally, I sense a deep melancholy within the history of the sakura blossoms.

So beloved, and yet so imperfect—full of grief and heartache.

Why do the sakura have such ominous legends surrounding them?

This question inspired my SAKURA series.

Though I wrote it back when I was still an amateur, it never quite left my heart... Hence, I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint as an audio drama—with a stage performance to come later!

If you enjoy gripping, authentic voice acting, then I hope to impress you with SAKURA -BLUE MOON-.