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The 隣人-Neighbor- Kickstarter is up and running!

Hey everyone!

As we announced earlier this week, our Kickstarter for 隣人-Neighbor- has now launched, and is off to a wonderfully strong start!


Thanks to the very generous contribution of an overwhelming number of backers, in just over 8 hours we've already made almost 30% of our goal!

While we're extremely grateful for all the support that has been shown so far, we still have a significant way to go to meet our goals, and stretch goals. We have plenty of updates and announcements in store to help keep the momentum going, so please consider pledging to the campaign if you haven't yet, or at least giving us a follow on Kickstarter! We would also love for you to share with any and all of your friends who may be interested - every single pair of eyes helps us get closer to meeting our goal!

Regardless, thank you as always for all of your support, and we hope you're as excited as we are about bringing 隣人-Neighbor- to English-speaking audiences!